Super B Committed to the Community

By 2017-03-16Company

At Super B, uplifting and giving back to the communities in which they operate is a significant part of the company’s overall business model. Super B’s operations and marketing team explained its importance.

Super B maize meal is well known for being a quality product that cooks fluffy and white every time, doubles in volume when cooked and for being available at an affordable price. But for the people living near Super B’s main depots and outlets, Super B is associated with much more than that. Every week in these areas, Super B’s team and their beloved mascot, Bupi, are out in force bringing joy to kids, giving away hampers and prizes, cooking food for the community and holding special events for the elderly. This is how the people in Super B’s immediate surroundings have come to know and love the brand.

Attie van den Bergh, Super B’s Director of Operations, explained that the belief shaping Super B’s approach to community involvement is that everyone benefits from philanthropic efforts. “Giving back to the community in any way, shape, or form is definitely a win-win proposition,” he said. “This is one of the chief reasons why our team is committed to bringing the community together for Super B events on a weekly basis. Not only do we gain an opportunity to showcase our products, but our sales team feel great about helping others.”

As Attie noted, Super B’s sales representatives are actively involved in each giveback campaign. “You absolutely have to have full team buy-in in order for your efforts to be successful,” he explained. “It’s much more meaningful when everyone is on board with the cause. We also know that no one is more in touch with the community than our sales team who are out there, interacting with our customers every day. Therefore, we solicit ideas from them regarding the specific causes and charitable organizations in the areas they want to help and which communities need to be visited next with exciting Super B parties and events.”

Bertus Vlok, Sales Manager, highlighted that they mainly target the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Northern KwaZulu-Natal areas as these are regions where Super B is most popular. “Our depot promotion events are among the most popular. We set up an area where the kids can interact with our mascot, Bupi, we play music, cook food for everyone who comes by and we give out a lot of free merchandise.” According to Bertus, Super B hands out and average of R50 000 in free maize meal, cash prizes and airtime per month.

“You need to build and maintain a relationship with your customers and need to know their demands and living conditions in order to create a product that they want and to secure their future support,” Bertus explains. “With so many depots close to their homes, we provide jobs for many people in these areas as well which I think further entrenches our presence in the community.”

Rudolph van der Westhuizen, Area Manager, agrees with Bertus’ assertion saying that if charity does indeed start at home, it is important for brands to support organizations and community actions where your customers are involved. “We rely on them for support and sales of our product so it is vital that we build brand loyalty and the most effective way of doing this is to get involved with the community.”

Attie concludes, “From the joy we get from it as a team, to the positive press, to that overall feeling of knowing we’ve made a difference, there are so many benefits to giving back to your community. It’s an experience that stays with you.”

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